Fill Your Home with Good Vibes This New Year

SOURCE: Unsplash
SOURCE: Unsplash

Is your home filled with wonderful conversations and harmonious relationships? If not, your home could be lacking some good vibes. Good vibes allow the flow of positive energy, creativity, understanding and a whole lot of wonderful things into your home.


Prevent stagnation. Stagnation blocks the flow of energy inside your house. Dirt and dust are common causes of this. Do some deep cleaning to restore the optimal flow of energy in your home. You'll be surprised that you'll never feel stuffy again.

Purify the air around you. If you haven't already, purchase an air purifier. Or, you can  open all your windows for instant air flow. Just make sure that the outside air surrounding your place is not that polluted.


Release negative or sad memories. Are you keeping clothing, photos or other items which remind you of the painful past? Now could be the best time for you to let go of them. You won't be able to welcome good vibes into your home and into your life if your heart and mind are filled with negativity.


Turn on some happy music. Music has many therapeutic qualities. Put some good music as background in your home. You will yourself humming a tune and feeling light. While listening to music, try to get creative. Re-learn creating the crafts you enjoyed during your childhood. Or, do some coloring or painting.

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“The point of simple living, for me has got to be: A soft place to land, a wide margin of error, room to breathe, lots of places to find baseline happiness in each and every day” ― Leo Babauta

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