Prevent Christmas Waste with These Suggestions

SOURCE: Unsplash
SOURCE: Unsplash

Abundance of garbage happens during Christmas. While this can't be totally avoided, this can be lessened. How? By observing ways to reduce and re-use during this holiday season. This can also be achieved through some thoughtful planning and creative thinking.


1. Instead of sending Christmas cards through postage, send them via email (E-card). If you prefer paper cards over digital cards, choose an eco-friendly version of your favourite design.

2. Before updating your Christmas decors, check to see who among your friends and relatives might want to inherit your old ones. Consider sending them to a charitable institution or a non-profit organization which can't afford putting up some decors this season.

3. Utilize re-usable shopping bags. You might still have the bags you have acquired a couple of Christmases ago. Re-use them in order to reduce the number of plastic bags thrown in the trash.

4. Consider giving green gifts. These are gifts made from durable materials or recycled content. They have less impact on the environment.
Christmas Wrapping & Packaging

5. Use wrapping paper made of recycled material whenever possible. You can also use old newspaper or magazines to wrap your presents for your loved ones.9.  Gift Tags: Make your own gift tags using recycled wrapping paper or last year’s Christmas cards. Re-use the ribbons, bows, gift bags, and boxes which you have received together with the gifts. Doing this can reduce the trash in your home and the unnecessary reproduction of such materials.

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