Three Ways to Have a Well-Lighted Home All the Time

SOURCE: Unsplash
SOURCE: Unsplash

Good lighting can do a lot of wonders to your home. It can make your home look bigger, more relaxing and more welcoming to your guests. It can also highlight your artwork displays or favorite pieces of furniture at home. Do you want to achieve a well-lit home? Read these the rest of this post for some quick insights.

1) Use layers of light. This is also known as the incorporation of multiple points of light. This in contrast with the common practice of lighting the whole room. Identify your light source and see which types of light you can install around it. For example, you can mix hanging lamps with lampshades to achieve a great lighting combination in your house.

2) Let some natural lighting in. Nothing beats the benefits of natural light. Natural light can blend well with the halogen lights installed in your home. It can also help you save more energy. Try these measures to allow more natural light into your home: widening your windows, installing a skylight or installing mirrors.

3) Don't overlook the room's function. Different types of lights are used for different functions. For example, kitchen lighting will not work well in the bedroom. Study each room in your house and take note of the activities you do in them. Then, decide on the color, type and intensity of lighting you might need in each of these rooms.

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