4 Best Ways to Use Color in Your Home

SOURCE: Unsplash
SOURCE: Unsplash

Color is a powerful tool that can change people's emotions and mood positively or negatively. With a little effort and research, you can use colors to build an attractive and healthy home. Read on for some tips.

1) Make your small space look larger. Homes with small space look bigger when they're painted with vibrant colors. Colors like sunny yellow and bright green can add space to your home's exterior and interior.

2) Increase the appetite of your kids. Do you have small kids with poor appetite? Consider repainting your kitchen and dining room with red. If you dislike the solid paint color, match it with neutral colors like gray, white or beige. You can also install decors with red patterns which your young ones might find interesting.

3) Increase the level of relaxation in your bathrooms and bedrooms. Do you want a spa-like experience in your bathroom and bedroom? Set the mood by using relaxing colors in your walls. Shades of blue, green and lavender are the perfect colors you might want to consider.

4) Cultivate concentration and productivity in your home office or study. Do you want to be more productive when you work from home? Paint your home office green. Psychologists say shades of green can promote concentration. If you don't like to paint your home office walls green, accessorize it with green plants, frames or lights.

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