How to Clean Leather Items

Leather comes in different types and each type has its own cleaning requirements. You might find it confusing and exhausting to memorize each of these cleaning strategies just to make sure your leather items are in mint condition. Here are some common ways to clean leather in general. Knowing these can help you save energy, money and time.


Leather handbags and purses - If you need a small spot on your leather bag or purse, use a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol. A mixture made of one part vinegar and two parts linseed oil would be the best solution for an over all cleaning. Apply this solution in a circular rubbing motion. 


Leather shoes - Remove the laces if there are any. Remove the dirt and dust on it using a dry rag. To begin with a thorough cleaning, prepare a clean rag and a leather cleaner or a saddle soap. Apply the cleaning solution of your choice in circular rubbing motion. Once your shoes are clean, apply some leather condition to bring back the moisture.


Leather furniture and car interiors - To begin, use your vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and dust resting on your leather. For finer and hard to remove dust particles, use a micro-fibre cloth. Next, apply a light coating of a one-to-one water/vinegar mixture using a clean rag. This will remove stains on your leather. Follow up by applying a leather conditioner.


Additional Tips:

  • Test your cleaning methods on a small (preferably hidden) spot of your leather item to check for discoloration.
  • Store your leather items out of direct sunlight because heat can dry out and crack your leather.
  • Follow the cleaning directions on the tag or manual that came with the leather item you purchased.

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    Chromed steel base Rafaella leather lounge chair, Speranza.

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