Refrigerator Organization 101 - Easy Ways to Keep Your Fridge Neat

A clean and orderly refrigerator brings a lot of benefits. First of all, it provides a lot of storage space especially for your perishable food items. Secondly, it allows you to spot easily all the ingredients you have in stock. Lastly, it makes all the ingredients you have appealing and inspiring.


Here are some tips which can help you keep an orderly fridge all year round. 


1) Create zones. Fruits and vegetables have their own bin inside the fridge. This helps them get special attention from you. Why don't you add extra bins in your fridge to create zones for all your ingredients? For example, place in clear and tall bins all food stuff that come in bottles like ketchup, sauces, etc.


2) Use the fridge door appropriately. The door is the warmest part of your refrigerator. Instead of using it to store eggs and milk which are highly perishable, use it to hold condiments, bottled juices and water and other ingredients which you need not consume right away.


3)  Segment your freezer. The freezer can be likened to a big box that needs to be segmented in order for you to make the most out of it. Group together all your meat products, frozen fruits and veggies. You will have the risk of damaging and missing one or a couple of your food items in the freezer if it's disorderly. 

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