How to Get on Top of Your Laundry Problems

Laundry is a pain. We can all agree to that.
While we can never change this fact, we can change its effects and impact on our lives. First of all, we need to stop treating laundry as a completed or finished task. Rather, e must treat it as a frequent task and focus on its maintenance. 
Secondly, you must know certain tips and tricks that can lighten your laundry work load. Here are some laundry insights which you might find helpful. Read up.
  • Stick to buying your kids socks of similar color. Letting them use black and white socks, for example, will make it easier for you to keep track of all the pairs they own - not missing any single of them.
  • In connection to the first tip, use a laundry bad for washing socks. A laundry bag will help you wash socks all at the same time. This saves time and blocks the probability of missing socks.
  • Prepare two to three sets of clothes for your kids to use every week. If they engage in a lot of activities within a week, you may add another set of clothes. This practice allows you to wash their soiled clothes in the evening once the kids have gone to sleep.
  • Fold dry clothes while watching TV or watching over your little ones. Before you know it, you've completed the folding task for the day while resting.
  • Let your kids help with the laundry tasks. Make it seem like a fun game for them. For example, you can get them into 'hanger hunting' or 'shooting' when hanging their dry clothes or placing their socks and under garments in bins.

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