How to Control Household Pests without Using Toxic Products

There are several safe ways to control household pests, which are often more effective than using chemical pesticides to control flies, cockroaches, ants, bedbugs and other pests that occupy your home. Since many chemical pesticides are toxic, you wouldn't want yourself, your children, or pets to come into contact with them. So, what are some safe ways to control pests at home? Well, try the following non-toxic methods and you just might conquer those pesky pests.


Start with prevention. Prevention is the best way to keep household pests under control. Below are some tips to ensure you don't allow pests into your house in the first place.


Know your pests. Before you take measures to control household pests, make sure you know exactly what pest problem you have. Several non-toxic treatments, including diatomaceous earth or borax, will work on a number pests only.


Use non-toxic agents. If the prevention methods above aren't enough, you can try nontoxic agents to control pests naturally. For example, castile soap has been shown to be successful in controlling a wide range of pests for years, including ants. Oil of eucalyptus and cayenne pepper can also deter ant infestations. Another nontoxic way to eliminate ants, roaches and silverfish is to use borax (boric acid). Diatomaceous earth is effective for getting rid of fleas.

Whichever method you choose, apply it in targeted spots. This is not only safer but also inexpensive than random application.


Try chemical-free methods. Once you've denied pests shelter, food, and access, you need to get rid of any surviving intruders. To eliminate pests without applying chemical pesticides, you can use an ordinary swatter to get rid of flies and other bugs. Lay traps (jar traps, fly traps, light traps, bait traps, etc.) to get rid of rodents and bugs without spreading around household chemicals. Also, vacuum to eliminate pests living in your upholstery or carpet.

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