Five Renovation Projects That Require Permits

photo credits: s hswstatic dot com
photo credits: s hswstatic dot com

Did you know that there are certain renovations require permits? Choosing not to obtain permits can cancel the sale of your home. So, you must not sidestep the permit process even though it's expensive and time consuming. Following are the renovations that require permits from your local government.

Fences - If you're planning to secure your residence with a fence, think whether you will need a very high set or not. You will be required to secure a permit if your fence exceeds the standard height.

New or additional windows - Before cutting holes in your walls for a new window, you will need to seek permission from the authorities first. The same goes for new doors and skylights. Window replacements don't require permits though.ole for a new window generally does. This includes skylights and new doors.

Plumbing/Electrical - Do you need to improve your existing plumbing system and electrical wirings? Secure a permit first before calling for a service.

Structural Changes - Additions like balconies, decks and porches require permits too because they fall under structural changes. All these plus load-bearing wall installations change the support system of homes.

Water Heater - Water heater and its ventilation system are deemed to be major changes by local governments. So, their installation and replacement require permits.

Renovations that don't require permits include painting, wallpapering, carpeting, hardwood floor installation, countertop installation and minor electrical repairs. 

If you're planning major changes to the structure of your house, you must be ready to take the effort and time to secure permits. As a home owner, it is your responsibility to secure permits even though a hired contractor will take care of your renovation projects. Research about the requirements before going through the permit process.

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