Inspire a Gardener Loved One with These Gift Ideas

Most women in the family are inclined to gardening. Gardening is a great hobby that can benefit the gardener herself and her family. Her stress can be relieved through gardening and her family can enjoy a beautiful and refreshing landscape within the bounds of their lawn. Keen to know the best gift ideas that can inspire your mom, sister or wife in her gardening hobby? Read this post for quick insights.

#1 Gardeners will definitely appreciate organic flowers for a gift. You can go check out beautifully potted organic flowers sold by a local florist. According to your choice, you can have them freshly picked and neatly placed in a vase. The good thing about green houses and garden shops is they sell garden accessories that are made of recycled materials. For one, you can request the organic flower that you have chosen to be potted in used containers that have been elegantly designed to cover up their original and worn out exterior. 

Photo Credit: Thirty One Gifts
Photo Credit: Thirty One Gifts

#2 Your green present would even look lovelier in eco gift bags which are readily available in different designs, sizes and shapes. They are usually made of materials like bamboo strips, candy wrappers and discarded cartons. If it is a bunch of flowers that you are eyeing to give, you can have them planted in recycled tyres that come in different figures and sizes too.

#3 Charmingly crafted ornaments could invigorate any gardener’s spirit apart from its ability to enhance the appearance of their personal patch of land. Green candles purely made up of soy and bees wax can add sparkle and glamour to any garden during nightfall. Scented variations that are molded from organic ingredients which may be given on Christmas or Thanksgiving make splendid eco gift ideas to eco-conscious women.  

#4 Sundials made of recycled coffee cups are nice garden ornaments too. Besides giving an ancient touch to your yard, it provides a distinctive way to tell time while you are dirtying your hands with soil in your yard during the day.Handcrafted artifacts like twig birdhouses, shell bird baths, nut shell wind chimes and figurines made of paper mache are perfect garden gifts too. 

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