Best Ways to Whiten Your Yellowed Pillows

Do you wash your pillows often? I personally hate washing pillows because I consider it to be a time-consuming chore. I push through with it though because I know that dirty pillows can cause allergies and other serious health problems. Let me share some tips on cleaning your pillows thoroughly. They are as follows:


#1 Remove the pillowcase. Use the most liquid and gentle detergent you have. Avoid strong detergents with stain removers and scents as these can stick to your pillows until they're all dry. Set your washer on the gentle, warm water cycle. Put in the detergent and allow the washer to begin filling before putting in your pillows. Wash a couple of pillows at a time to ensure thorough cleaning.


#2 After the wash cycle is complete, run it through the rinse cycle again. This will ensure that the detergent is thoroughly removed from the interior of the pillows. This will also remove excess water. Pillows require more care to be cleaned thoroughly because they are thick. 


#3 If you have foam pillows, hang them to dry. Letting them spin inside the dryer will cause its material to melt. For pillows made from synthetic materials, dry them on a low to medium heat cycle and avoid any high heat. Would like to fluff up your pillows again? Put two tennis balls in some socks and toss them in  the dryer. These will agitate the fibers and cause them to return to their original condition. Stop the dryer every 30 minutes to rotate the pillows around and to make sure that they dry thoroughly.  

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