How to Keep Molds from Penetrating Your House

Mold can grow on any part of your house. They can even grow on your household items and supplies like carpet, clothing, food and tissue paper. A mold problem is not only expensive to fix. It can also be very dangerous for your family members' health. Here are some ways by which you can keep mold from forming in your house.

1) Do an audit of your home - Identify the problem areas. Check the parts of your home which often collect water. Mold formations are most likely to be found there. Mold prevention can be as easy as cleaning and keeping your basement dry.

2) Observe proper ventilation inside your house - Did you know that mold formation can also be caused by daily domestic activities? Providing proper ventilation in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and other high-moisture area inside your house. Vent and clean all appliances that produce moisture on a regular basis.

3) Use mold resistant products - Consider using mold-resistant products during your home improvement projects. You will find items like mold-resistant drywall and mold inhibitors for paints in most warehouses.

4) Monitor humidity inside your house - Purchase a moisture meter. This will help you identify your home's humidity level. You can also look for the signs of excessive humidity inside your house. The most common of these signs is the condensation on windows, pipes, and walls. 

5) Keep your house water-free - Is the foundation of your house quite sloped? Yes? This will cause flood to collect in your basement come rainy days. Research for some improvements that could be done. Contact a credible contractor to do the job.

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