Recycling Mistakes You Should Avoid

Do you recycle regularly? Yes? Do you do it correctly? You might be unaware of the recycling mistakes that you're committing. Read this post and review whether your recycling practices meet the guidelines set by the government.

Tossing everything you don't use in the trash can - Sometimes, we just want to get rid of the things we don't use as quickly as possible. And so, we simply throw them away. If you're not sure which items are recyclable and not recyclable, drop by your local recycling centers for help. Generally, you shouldn't be throwing old appliances, aluminum food containers, corks, crayons, ink cartridges, light bulbs and mattresses away.

Not recycling bottle caps -  Caps from common household products, such as soda and water bottles are often made from polypropylene plastic. Many recycling facilities didn't have the proper equipment to recycle them. However, some facilities bottle caps and recycle them. Check online the whereabouts of these facilities. You can schedule quarterly or monthly visits to these facilities to drop all your bottle caps.

Recycling plastic shopping bags - Although they're made of plastic, they are not ideal for recycling purposes. This is because they can damage recycling equipment once they get stuck somewhere in its insides.  If you want to dispose them properly, give them to grocery and retail stores that willingly collect them.

Depositing shredded pieces of paper in recycling bins - Shredded paper is just as bad as plastic shopping bags for recycling machines. Tiny shreds of paper can clog up the machines and get mixed in and tangled with other recyclables. Shred documents only when absolutely necessary. Instead of throwing them in recycling bins, make a compost out of your shredded pieces of paper. 

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