Best Ways to Keep Your House Squeaky Clean All the Time

Dirt is the number one enemy in our houses. It is the root of all cleanliness challenges in our houses. Hence, it is important to cut the problem at its root before it branches into damages that are much harder to resolve. Here are some advice on stopping dirt in its tracks.

1. Use a doormat - Dirt rests in the sole of your shoes. By placing a mat right at your doorstep, you can prevent dirt from outdoors from entering your house. A mat doesn't really make you shoes dirt-free but it lessens the amount of dirt present in it.

2. Buy the right doormat - A mat that is longer and wider than a regular stride is ideal to use. It should be wide and long enough for you to walk across it with both feet. When your visitors  walk on it before entering your house, the dirt they brought from outdoors will be automatically transferred to the mat.

3. Use floor mats - Floor mats are different from doormats. They are best used for high-traffic or spill-prone areas in your house. These are your fridge cabinets, the bathroom and the toilet. If you choose to place floor mats on these areas, be careful about sliding or tripping. Wet floor mats can cause accidents inside the house.

4. Clean all your mats thoroughly - Take them outside regularly and give them a good shake to remove the dirt off them. If you don't like this idea, vacuum your mats every now and then. Grimy mats must be hosed down and scrubbed with soapy water. After washing, dry them well. Moist mats can damage the floor when used.

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