Five Ways to Rid Your House of Bad Odor

Does your house stink? If it does, don't fret. Every household gets stinky once in a while due to floods, leaking plumbing system or neglected spoiled food in the fridge. You can open the windows and turn on the exhaust fan to get rid of the stench. If both tactics don't work, try these targeted techniques that will exterminate the bad odor in your house in an hour or less.


Deodorize your refrigeratorSome use pieces of charcoal as fridge deodorizer. but according to surveys, baking soda offers a better solution for smelly refrigerators. Leave a box of baking soda open inside your fridge. A box of baking soda will be good for one year. Make sure to place it far from your veggies because it contains sodium bicarbonate which cause leafy vegetables to wilt prematurely.

Clean your carpet - Carpets obtain all kinds of filth in the house. Urine from your pets can cause your carpet and your house to stink terribly. To remove urine smells and bacteria, Mix three parts water and one part water in a bowl. Rub the solution on your carpet using a cloth rag. This will remove the urine smell and bacteria on your carpet. If your carpet has been soaked in flood water, follow the cleaning techniques shared in this video. (Note: I don't own this video. All credits to the owner.)

Deodorize your garbage disposal - Do trash bins inside your house stink? Minimize their bad odor by placing slices of lemon or orange them. If the scent of these citrus fruit fail to overpower the stench, pour a mixture of cold water and white vinegar into your trash bins.

Wash your dishwasher and washing machine thoroughly - Dirt and water tend to accumulate in the bottom of the dishwasher. Wipe the bottom part using a clean rag. Place a small container filled with vinegar under the dishwasher. This will absorb the bad odor that's left. 

Bad odor in your washing machine might be caused by the mold and mildew which accumulate inside when it is sealed after each use. To remove the stench, fill it with bleach and warm and run a cycle. Rinse it thoroughly afterwards. 

Use activated charcoal - Activated charcoal is known for absorbing a wide range of bad odors specifically those cause by household pets. It is a form of carbon that has been "activated" to make it extremely porous. It can be placed in your pets' litter box or in any part of the house where strong stench accumulate. 

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