3 Ways to Keep Your House Always Clean 

Do you hate surprise visits from family, friends and co-workers? Yes? It is probably because you don't want them to discover how messy your house is. Today is the day that you should stop worrying about that. Simply follow these tips and your house will be forever clean.

1. Keep your house clean continuously, than try to clean something that's gone off the rails. What sounds more overwhelming: Giving your countertops a quick swipe after just cooking a meal, or trying to clean a kitchen that hasn't been cleaned for a week's worth of cooked meals? Though in the moment — the lazy, tempting moment — it might feel like no big deal to leave those dishes/dirt/pile for tomorrow. But too many until-laters and you find yourself with a house that feels too stressful to tackle. But doing the small things throughout the day and week — putting things back up when you're done with them, cleaning up as you go — takes up less time overall and feels much more manageable. Doing this — plus keeping to a regular cleaning schedule — will leave you with a company-ready clean home that you can enjoy more often.

2. Know that more stuff means more to clean - In the very literal sense, more stuff in your home means more things to clean. More things cluttering your kitchen countertops, the more things collecting dust and greasy kitchen grime. The more knickknacks on your tabletops, the more things you've got to move just to swipe. Even the more furniture you have means the more shoving, pushing and moving out of the way you've got to do to get a thorough cleaning job done. You don't have to live in an empty home to keep it flawlessly clean all the time, but if you're having trouble keeping a specific room or a certain area clean regularly, you might want to examine what you can live without and whether there's anything you can remove to make cleaning regularly easier.

3. Know the most obvious spots to clean. They know that even the best of us have weeks (sometimes months) where it's difficult to deep clean everything, every time. But folks who have homes that always seem clean pull off the appearance of cleanliness sometimes by simply knowing the best places to give their limited time and energy to so the whole home feels cleaner (even if not every square inch has recently been scrubbed).

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