Six Alternative Uses of Surveillance Cameras

CCTV cameras are generally used for safety and security, theft and crime prevention. But, did you know they can be used for far more than interesting things? No? Then read on to discover CCTV's other meaningful uses.

Create time lapse - Quality surveillance cameras can create beautiful time lapse videos. The time interval in these videos can be less than a second to a day, week or month. Changes in seasons are usual subjects of time lapse videos. Nowadays, building sites are using time lapse videos to record a construction's progress for client information, training purposes and building protection.

Provide wildlife and zoo assistance - Surveillance cameras are the best friends of veterinarians and scientists who are devoted to wildlife care. Zoos install surveillance cameras to observe animal behavior when no one else is looking.

Reach inaccessible places - Some spots can be physically inaccessible to people because of size, harsh environmental conditions, possibility of explosion and sensitivity of laboratory materials involved. Nonetheless, they have to be monitored, so surveillance cameras are the best option because because they can be made indestructible and deflect hazards in a highly explosive surrounding.

Compliance monitoring - A lot of large businesses, including cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies, use surveillance cameras for compliance monitoring of their products. Through this, they can observe the packing and processing methods of their employees. This ensures that the correct methods are being followed.

Business marketing - Apart from protection against shoplifters, surveillance cameras in stores provide valuable customer information like what age group tends to purchase certain items. Moreover, cameras help managers check whether excellent customer service is practiced by the store employees.

Record environmental conditions - Government and news agencies use surveillance cameras to report environmental occurrences as they happen. People worldwide can now watch up close the volcano explosions, tornadoes, avalanches and other weather phenomena.

CCTV cameras can also catch the strangest things which are worth watching and relishing. If you’re keen to see what you can do with CCTV in your household or workplace, check out Omega’s services.


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