Other Things to Inspect When Renting an Apartment

There are other things which you must check which before moving in to the apartment of your dreams. They are as follows:


Bathrooms - Turn on the faucets and the shower. Is the water flowing out of them? Is the flush working properly. You must also check the sink, toilet bowls and bathtub. Do they leak or clog? Look around and look into the closets for any sign of mold formation. Molds can bring serious problems to your respiratory system if not removed.


Fire safety - Fire can claim lives in an instant. Thus, it is important that your apartment has the necessary tools to combat it. Fire alarms, smoke alarms and fire extinguishers are must-haves for a fire safe apartment. Check if these alarms are working. Do not move in until they are replaced or fixed.


Electric switches - Flick all the switches to see if they're working. Check the bulbs if they're burned out. Continuous use of them can lead to fire. Check the wirings too. Don't touch frayed wires. Just check where they are connected or if they need to be realigned.

Floors - Are the carpets clean? Do they have tears? How about the tiles in the bathroom and the kitchen? If any of them are missing, ask for a replacement to avoid cuts and other small accidents they might cause.

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