Things to Inspect before Renting an Apartment


Are you moving into a new apartment? Before you do so or make the necessary payment, ensure that you have had thorough inspection of the unit that you’re eyeing. This is very important. If the landlord fails to know the needed repairs before you move in, you will most likely shoulder the repair costs. Following are the things in the apartment that you must check before moving in.

Pests – An apartment is infiltrated by pests is the worst nightmare you could ever have. Besides destroying your possessions, pests can seriously harm the health of your entire family.  If you’re attracted to renting low-cost apartments, check first if it’s pest-ridden.

Kitchen – Most apartments have kitchens with stoves. Check if all the burners, buttons and plugs in the kitchen are working. Frayed wirings and gas emissions must be reported to the landlord right away as these could be a source of accident.

Doors and door locks – Doors must be properly working if you want to protect your possessions from theft and your family from crimes. The doors should fit their frames and the locks should be able to keep doors closed especially during instances of forced entry.

Bedrooms – Check if the bedrooms don’t have leaks. Hidden holes in the roof and walls can cause you and your belongings to soak in water during rainy days. Check the closets too for loose hinges. If closet cabinets swing loose, they can cause accidents.

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