Six Things You Shouldn't Throw Away

Perhaps, you’re cleaning your home or your home office at the moment. And you found out that you have a bunch of things you want to throw. Before going into a throwing-spree, check first this short list of things which must not be thrown away for their functionality.

Toothpaste holder – This gadget is not only good from keeping your tooth paste from getting misplaced. This is also useful in squeezing the last drop of toothpaste you can make use of.

Clip binder – This item is useful for solving almost all problems in the household. You can use them in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or study to hold things in place or to provide support.

Pictures frames – No matter how old-fashioned they look, picture frames can be made stylish with just a little change in color or design. With them, you can hang memorable photos, certificates and other important documents anywhere in your house.

All-purpose wallet – Carrying a big purse around is sometimes burdensome. A small wallet that can keep your cash, credit card, driver’s license and other identification cards is always useful wherever you go.

Funnel – This may seem unimportant but it proves to be useful in pouring liquids, grains and other substances into containers.

Old electronic appliances and gadgets – No matter how we use these items with care, time will come when they’re going to cease to function and serve their purpose. Donate your old cellphones, televisions, laptops and other gadgets to local centers that make use of them. For all you know, recycling these items can help conserve energy and  improve copper production.

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