5 Steps to Streak-Free Glass Window


Achieving a streak-free glass window is quite difficult. So, many homeowners choose to pay hired help for the task. If you’re running on your household on a budget, doing so won’t be a good option for you. Follow these window cleaning tips that won’t burn holes in your pockets and yet give you clean and clear windows that you’ve always dreamed of.

Use distilled water – Tap water is rich with minerals that can leave traces of mineral deposits on the glass windows. Distilled water is free of all these minerals and so it will be much better to use. Use distilled water not only for rinsing the soap off your glass window. Use distilled water in diluting the detergent that you’re going to use.

Try Vinegar – Vinegar is an all-purpose substance that can be used not only in the kitchen but also in the other parts of the house as well. Fill a sprinkler with 50 percent vinegar and 50 percent water. Shake well before spraying it on your window. Wipe the window clean as you would with other cleansers.

Avoid soap suds – Suds can add up to the glass streaks too especially when they dry up. Suds won’t be a problem if you’re simply using distilled water and vinegar. If possible, refrain from using soap cleaners for your glass windows.

Refrain from using tissue paper – Tissue paper leaves lint and streak on the glass window once it gets wet. Use a micro-fibre cloth or crumpled newspaper to dry your window. Be careful with the newspaper ink though. It’s messy when wet.

Buff your window – As soon as you finish cleaning your glass window, buff it using a chamois or a micro-fibre cloth. Buffing your window as soon as it is cleaned minimizes the possibility of streak accumulation.

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