Four Ways to Fireproof Your Home

Fireproofing your home is basically a matter of taking a few simple precautions. However, there are instances when professional help is needed. In connection to this, you can always contact the nearest fired department in your locality and ask for assistance or information. Putting professional help aside, the following are the important steps that you can observe to keep your house safe from fire.


Buy extinguishersIt’s common to see them in kitchens, where most fires start. But to be as safe as possible, there should be an extinguisher in every room of the house. Make sure that there is one near every fireplace in the house and don’t forget the attic and basement. Fire extinguishers do not last forever. Make a note of the expiry dates of the extinguishers you have in your house and make sure that they are replaced or refilled in time.


Install fire and smoke alarms - These aren't exclusive to business establishements. All modern homes have smoke alarms and these play a critical role in providing early warnings of a fire.

Use fire-resistant carpets - Wool and synthetic carpets burn easily. Replace them with fire-resistant carpents. These carpents are often soaked in fire-proof chemicals.
Avoid wiring overloadNever overload your electrical wiring and when installing any device that draws a heavy amount of electricity. Contact a professional technician to check electrical outlets and electrical wirings of appliances in your house.
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