Reduce Dust Accumulations in Your House with These Tips

Dust is one of the primary causes of health problems among children. It is made of tiny particles which can be dirt, cloth fibres, hair, paper and even pet excretions. Getting rid of dust can be quite difficult especially when they accumulate quickly. Read the insights below if you want to control the presence of dust in your home.


Keep your house sealed – Keep in mind that dust comes from the outside. If your house is situated in the city or roads where public utility vehicles pass by 24/7, it is most likely to be dominated with a lot dust.  Besides keeping your doors and windows shut, inspect them for any cracks in their frames. Apply caulk to seal all the cracks you will find.



Keep your fireplace cleaned – Ash and soot from your fireplace can also add up to dust accumulations. Dispose them immediately when spotted.


Use a vacuum cleaner – Vacuum cleaners are effective in sucking up dust – even the hard to reach ones. Vacuum the high traffic areas in your house. Vacuum neglected corners of your house too. Lastly, don’t forget to vacuum your carpet and pieces of furniture.

Mop your floors regularly – A damp mop is more effective in catching dust. Mopping is important in keeping dust accumulations inside your house under control.


Invest on microfiber cloths – These cloths are specially made to catch the finest dust that exists. These are quite expensive compared to the regular wash cloths but they are proven to be very useful.

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