Three Steps to a Termite-Free House

If your house is made of wood, termite infestation is something which you must watch out for. It can destroy the structure of your home and the budget you have planned for the coming years. Decide to get rid of it as soon as its first signs show up. Here is a three-step program that you can follow.


Identification – Know what kind of termites is infesting your house.  Damp wood termites, dry wood termites and subterranean termites are the three common kinds that invade wooden homes. Each of which might require a different strategy for elimination.


Elimination – Depending on your budget and the termite infestation in your house, you can choose between setting bait stations, barrier treatments and hiring professional termite exterminators.



As the term implies, bait stations are to be set up with wood baits in the different areas in your house. When these baits get consumed, you can replace them with poisoned wooden baits. Once termites feed on poisoned baits, they will bring these back to their colony and their whole turf will be destroyed.



A barrier treatment simply involves the use of barrier products. These products don't immediately kill termites. They simply infect termites with poison which the latter will pass on to other tertmites. In time, termite infestation will flee your house.


If the above two strategies don't work, hiring a professional exterminator is the last option. When choosing a prfessional, base your choice on the reliability of the service provider. It is best to pay a bit higher than usual as long as you can get total riddance of the infestation.


Prevention - If you stock old wood in your house, now is the time tpo throw them away. Old wood pieces acquire insects through the years. Inspect which wooden parts of your house are prone to termite infestation. Consider a cement finish for them.

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