Mobile Scaffold Use: Safety Measures to Know

A lot of people immediately think of conventional scaffold systems when they talk about construction work. These scaffolds are made of crisscross tubes embedded deep into the ground for support. They are not yet obsolete. Nonetheless, they are now being replaced by advanced models that suit the progressing prerequisites in the construction industry.


Modern scaffold systems are preferred by construction workers for many reasons. A sturdy type of mobile scaffolding can perform the general functions of a traditional scaffolding system. More so, it allows workers to work in the different areas in the construction site with ease. Workers can simply push or pull a mobile scaffold tower to the exact spot where they need it. This is made possible by the castor wheels attached at its bottom part.


Storage is not a problem for this scaffold type too. It can be dismantled and stored easily. Its foundations are not entrenched into the ground. Also, it is made of foldable tube systems that can be retracted or extended in place.


Safety guidelines in mobile scaffold use are very important. Accidents, injuries and death can be avoided if these guidelines are followed. Below are a few directions every worker must be reminded of when using a mobile scaffold.


  1. Check the whole tower for any defect before using.
  2. Position the tower on a hard and level surface. It must be placed more than one meter away from a slab edge or excavation.
  3. Ensure that the entire tower is level and all its sections are appropriately secured.
  4. Limit its use among authorised staff only. Post a sign about it.
  5. Refrain from overloading the tower.
  6. Lock the castor wheels to prevent possible movement.
  7. Never move the tower when in use.
  8. Hoist heavy equipment, supplies and tools up the tower.
  9. Install barriers and lights around the tower when in use. These will warn passers-by of possible dangers from getting near the tower. 
  10. Unload the tower of any construction supplies or tools after use.


Safety from Ground Up - Quick Tips for the Safe Use of Mobile Scaffolds

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