Broken PVC Pipes - Causes And Solutions

Most underground home pipelines are made of PVC pipes and joints. While these materials are proven durable, they can never be free from destruction. There are at least three factors that can cause them to break. These are aging, ground movement and formation of tree roots.


Aging - Pipes in general can only last for a certain period of time. Everyday use and exposure to different elements from the surroundings wreck even the strongest pipes.


Root formations – Tree roots grow through the years. They grow deep into the ground to seek a water source like underground pipes. Tree roots can pierce into the pipes specifically when they already have cracks or holes in them. Consequently, tree roots can widen the extent of damage in these pipes.


Ground movements – Ground movements do not necessarily mean strong earthquakes. They are normal shifts and tremors that happen underground because of sudden changes in the temperature. The cold and heat can cause the ground to contract and expand respectively. With these happenings, the ground pushes on the pipes. The pipes are then displaced or fractured.


Fixing PVC pipes underground can be damaging if you are going to do it on your own. It is best to contact professionals who can repair pipes through non-destructive digging. This is more practical than a do-it-yourself repair. This prevents further or unwanted damages that can cause added expenses in the end. In connection to this, a professional service provider can use hydro excavation or larger machinery to fix the broken PVC pipes underground.  It all depends on the breakage degree. Nonetheless, both techniques will spot fix the problem and not disturb the surrounding areas.


If you would like to solve your pipe problems quickly and efficiently, search for a local service provider. Besides responding to your call fast, a local service provider  is most probably familiar with pipeline blueprint in your area.  



The Best Solutions to Fix a Broken PVC Pipe
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