Learn About Child-Proofing Your Home Today

Home accidents are common especially to families with little children running around the house. Childproofing your home is one great way to avoid such accidents that can lead to serious emergency cases and even death.


For the effective childproofing or babyproofing of your home, you must be aware of its accident prone areas. These are the places inside the house where there is water, heat or flame and toxic substances. Stairways, slippery falls and pieces of furniture that are conducive for climbing are also considered as accident prone areas inside the house.


As much as possible, keep your floors dry all the time to avoid slips.  Fix leaks that cause slippery floors. Turn off faucets when not in use. Medicines and toxic substances like the chemicals used for house cleaning must be kept out of children’s reach. If you’re keeping chemical cleansers in cabinets under the bathroom or kitchen sink, make sure these cabinets are locked.


To avoid home accidents connected to heat or fire, it is best to have flammable materials out of children’s reach. Refrain from using candles and lamps that make use of gas. Never leave the stove open and matchboxes on table tops after use. Cover electric outlets appropriately. Fire can start with them if they are played on by kids.


While following all these insights matter, looking after your children intently 24/7 is the best defence against home accidents you can provide.


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