How To Keep Your Home Safe And Sound

Burglars are everywhere. Regardless of the size of your property, they would try their best to get in and take whatever they deem to be valuable. Getting robbed of a few of your possessions can be forgivable. But losing a loved one because of it is another story that is difficult to bear and let go. This is why getting information on keeping your property safe and practicing them religiously are very important. Here are tried and tested ideas on the topic which you might want to learn today.


1) Reinforce your doors by adding deadbolts and door bars. These will strengthen your doors against kicks from burglars. But before installing them, check on the condition of your door frames first. If the frames are quite old and lacks strength in fastening doors firmly, replace them first with the right fit.


2) Purchase an alarm system that is very sensitive to motion. CCTVs and alarm systems are helpful in monitoring the people who might get into your house forcibly. Burglars are sometimes able to sneak in with no noise but if you have a motion-sensitive alarm they will have a hard time continuing on. Also, get a smartphone software that will allow you to access what your security system at home is able to monitor.


3) Mowing your lawn may seem useless for this matter but the truth is it is one of the cheapest ways you can protect your property from burglars. Mowed lawns sends the impression that your house is never out of person to guard it. Trim regularly the bushes around your house too. Bushes can be tall enough at times for burglars to hide in. 


4) Light your property. Burglars can do their expertise in the dark. When all areas of your home is well-lighted, they will think twice about getting on with their plans. There are light timers available in the market today. They are useful in automatically lighting your property particularly if you are forgetful or too busy to mind things such as turning on the lights.


5) Get rid of flyers by your doorstep. When flyers pile up, burglars think that your house is empty and not guarded. 

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