Putting Up Christmas Decors The Safe Way

The coming holidays would not be complete without great decorations hanging inside and outside the house. While they can be a source of enjoyment, they can also be a source of danger. Electrical wirings, for one, can result into fire when short circuit happens. Accidents may also happen during installation of these decors just like falling of the roof or ladder. To avoid these unwanted and unnecessary problems,  take heed of the following ideas. 


1) Never work on the installation alone. Have an assistant with you. This assistant can keep you from possibilities of falls and electrocution. Consider having a professional technician do the job for you if your decorations involve a lot of lights. Paying some amount is better than risking your life.


2) When purchasing trees and other decors which would be adorned with lights, choose brands with a fire resistant label. Fresh trees may look better artificial trees may be much safer to use.


3) As for the indoor and outdoor lights, choose ones that have been tested in the laboratories of quality assurance organizations. They may cost higher than the rest but you can rely on their make. If you are re-using last year's set of light bulbs, check out busted bulbs. Busted bulbs can affect the reliability of the entire wiring of the light system. 


4) Be careful with the use of sockets. If the sockets are broken or cracked, do consult a technician first before putting them into use. These can be an immediate cause of fire. When using extensions, try your best not to overload them. Overloading is typical cause of short circuit and fire. 



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