The Beauty Of Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening can put more life to your house as plants can come in different colors and shapes. You can experience a sense of relief when you look at them as your eyes are tired and your entire being is all stressed out. Depending on your preference, you can turn a part of the kitchen or the living room into an indoor garden. It would be a better option though if you have a spare room to convert into one.

  • Be sure that  the spot you are choosing has access to sunlight. 
  • Research on the type of plants that can grow and survive indoors. 
  • Have them in appropriate containers that are capable of holding the water and the soil. 
  • Schedule the watering of the plants in the morning. Schedule the weeding or removing of dried leaves every two weeks and the trimming too (if it is needed). 
  • Every now and then, take the time to bring your plants outside the house for some air and sunlight. Doing so can make their color appear more vibrant. Keep them far from installations of air-conditioners and heaters. 
  • Check out some fertilizers which work perfectly for indoor plants. Do not overdose them with fertilizers though.

“The point of simple living, for me has got to be: A soft place to land, a wide margin of error, room to breathe, lots of places to find baseline happiness in each and every day” ― Leo Babauta

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