Using Mirrors To Create Space Inside Your Home

Did you know that use of mirror is a trick in interior designing? It has long been used decades ago and just making a big come back nowadays with better designs, shapes and materials. Mirrors are effective in making a small and dull space look spacious and bright. Take a look at the following insights and you will how these can be done.

Shed light in a dark room by putting-up a series of mirrors – Place these mirrors on the walls opposite a window and the light that comes through it would be reflected. If you have large and full-length ones, place them on the entrance ways and you will have an image of longer walkway.

Cover the wall of a squashed room with mirrors – This perfect for smaller rooms like dining and bedrooms. A wall of mirrors can open up the small space and look doubled.

Line Mirrors Along Fireplaces – Obviously, these mirrors will reflect the glow of fire when the fireplace is turned on. It creates an atmosphere of warmth and happy glow especially at night.

Place Mirrors On Your Ceiling – The light on the ceiling is spread and made brighter with mirrors. This option is great for rooms without windows like a small bathroom.


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