How To Clean Your House In A Jiffy

Cleaning your house in a jiffy includes no magical tricks. It is all about having a system which can help you make the most of your time. This system must include details like starting point, ending point, minutes or hours to spend and perfect tools to use.


Let us say you have to finish cleaning in an hour. Here’s what you can do. Start from upstairs and work your way down as you clean along. Allot ten minutes for each bedroom upstairs and the bathroom downstairs. Dedicate fifteen minutes in cleaning the kitchen and the living room separately.


For the bedrooms, ensure to shoot in the hamper dirty clothes and linens. Put things back to your closet and dresser. Make the bed and dust all surfaces before you vacuum.


For the bathroom, use the all-purpose spray to areas. While you let it sit, wash the mirror. Then, rinse every part with running water.


In the kitchen, shoot all the dishes in the dishwasher. As you wait, declutter the table and counters, wipe the appliances and mop the floors.


In the living room, start by decluttering all surfaces and the floor too. Dust furniture tops. Clean the glass windows and then vacuum.


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